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Indeed, behavioral therapies are often the only available, effective treatment approaches to many drug problems, including cocaine addiction. In a study using mice without dopamine transporters, the mice were given cocaine and they still experienced rewarding effects.

Parke, Davis and Company laced cigarettes with coca and also made coca syrups. With the help of the National Institute on Drug Use, the number of users declined from 5. Dopamine regulates movement, emotion, motivation, and the feeling of pleasure.

This approach attempts to help patients to recognize, avoid, and cope; which then helps to recognize the situations in which they are most likely to use cocaine, avoid these situations when appropriate, and cope more effectively with a range of problems and problematic behaviors associated with drug abuse.

Crack begins to dominate the lead position for illicit drug marketed in the street. Trial Journal, 29 11Before trying the drug, really think; is a moment of pleasure worth a lifetime of pain.

People under the influence of cocaine often do not feel the need for food or sleep. This historical finding indicates that coca leaves for some reasons has played major benefits to the Peruvians and thought to be of use even to the other world where the souls arrive.

Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction. Sometimes medications are needed to re-establish normal brain function and some of the most effective medications widely used today are the methadone and buprenorphine for the treatment of opiate addiction NIDA, It is then moved back to the neuron that transmitted the dopamine initially.

However, the conquistadores also found out that when the Incas chew the leaves of this plant and be under the influence of its properties, they become strong and energized which enabled them to work more hours in gold and silver mines without getting tired.

When cocaine enters the area of the brain where the dopamine is located, it blocks the reuptake pumps that remove the dopamine from the synapse of the nerve cell. The Spaniards recognizing the benefits of coca to the Indians have come to the point that they were paying the Incas coca leaves instead of food or money.

In a normal brain, dopamine is released by a neuron into a synapse and then it moves to dopamine receptors on other neurons.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is present in many regions of the brain. Cocaine can be produced in the form of crystals which users put on vials. They specifically are examining the genetic factors that contribute to the addiction 5. Teens are more likely to use gateway drugs because as studies show teens aged are most prone to consume alcohol and using marijuana and they are also times more likely to use cocaine than those who are non-alcohol drinkers or non-marijuana users.

Recovery for those who are dependent from cocaine can be a long-term process which sometimes necessitates multiple episodes of treatment. However there is still future for those who are under the addiction of cocaine and the main goal of drug addiction treatment is to make the individual achieve lasting abstinence, reduce then eliminate drug abuse, improve the ability to function and minimize the social and medical complications of drug addiction.

For example, based on urine-test, suppose indicates lack of cocaine consumption, the person earn points that can enable exchange for items.

From Bench to Bedside illustrated ed. The coca plant, Erythroxylon coca has in its leaves powerful stimulant drug but its effect has not been recognized until the midth century. Signs and symptoms of intoxication The symptoms and signs of intoxication includes; severe paranoia, rapid heart beat, lack or impaired judgment, severe agitation, angina, hallucinations, hypertension, heart arrhythmias, and at times death.

Negative effects Abuse of cocaine and addiction has affected various people and nations.

Drug Addiction and Cocaine User

Cocaine 2, Revised ed. These trials will evaluate two innovative routes of Selegeline administration: There is between one or two minutes of intense pleasure. Let's get your assignment out of the way.

It feels good… why else. Once under the influence of cocaine, a feeling of euphoria, confidence, hyper-stimulation and alertness comes into place. In some people, cocaine reduces their appetite while others get to be talkative. Unfortunately when the human body began to form dependence to euphoric sensory feelings, addiction takes place which end up with more usage and lead to overdose.

However, cocaine use has not been altered because there were no physical data to prove its effect to man and future hazard to the society.

However, federal judges conferred that such findings are not enough evidence to convict people who have the money without direct evidence of the crime G. Mariani was praised all over Europe by the most important people thanking him for his contribution to humanity.

According to him what led him to produce and sell the wine is because of the healing properties it contains and as a tonic-stimulant which helps condition and removed stress from tired bodies.

Scientists are working furiously for a way to combat cocaine addiction.

Cocaine Addiction Essay

This is followed by five to 8 minutes of euphoria, then as the high comes down, an overwhelming urge for more, which may last for a day. A behavioral therapy component that is showing positive results in many cocaine-addicted populations is contingency management.

Essays & Papers Cocaine Addiction Essay - Paper Example Cocaine Addiction Essay One of the most consistent major public health and social problems in the United States today is the use of cocaine - Cocaine Addiction Essay introduction.

Cocaine is a substance that has been around for thousands of years and still remains highly abused today. Cocaine is the psychoactive agent found in the leaves of the coca plant/5(3). Cocaine Essay Examples. 39 total results. The Effects Caused on the Human Body by Opium, Cocaine and Marijuana.

3, words. 7 pages. The Effects of Drugs on the Brain. 1, words. The Issues of Cocaine Abuse. words. 1 page. A Look at the Widespread Use of Cocaine and the Different Ways of Taking the Drug.

words. Cocaine is derived from the leaves of Erythroxylon coca or coca plant. The leaves have been used as a stimulant from the early 16th century and its concentrates extracted in from the plant.

However, the powder cocaine found its usage in the 20th century. Cocaine abuse and addiction is a problem involving biological changes in the brain as well as social, family, and environmental factors. Therefore, treatment of cocaine addiction is complex, and must address a variety of problems.

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